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Repairs and Services

Standard Rate, Minimum Service Charge and Free Service:

Standard shop rate is $132 per hour.  I'll be happy to provide you with an estimate before work is begun.

There is a minimum service charge of $33 for repairs that can be done on the spot or take less than 15 minutes labour.

Don't break out the Vise-Grips or pliers!! - a stuck mouthpiece will always be removed for free!

Professional Cleaning:

Prices effective 7/1/2020

The time to service an instrument can vary widely. An instrument that is in top working order and only needs a clean takes significantly less time than one that has stuck slides, slide alignment problems, heavy denting and heavy lime scale buildup.

The prices below give the basic estimate for what a service will cost and do not include costs of parts and materials, such as waterkey seals and valve felts. It is for instruments that arrive in generally good operational order and minor dents. Actual charge is based on the time taken for the service and replacement parts.  Service includes:

  • Full disassembly and degreasing
  • Full ultrasonic and/or chemical cleaning of the instrument and mouthpiece
  • inspection of springs and valve guides
  • replacement of felts as needed and alignment of valves (additional material costs not included)
  • Replacement of waterkey corks as necessary (additional material costs not included)
  • Alignment of trombone handslides and replacement of cork barrel bumpers (additional material costs not included)
  • Alignment of trumpet 1st and 3rd slides
  • Dent removal from easily accessed areas such as bell and bell stems
  • Dent removal from trombone main tuning slides and goosenecks
  • reassembly and lubrication
  • Quick polish of silver plated instruments
  • mouthpiece dent removal and polish
  • blow clean case 

Extra charges for badly stuck slides, major dent work, soldering, heavy tarnish or detailed silver polishing, replacement of rotor bumpers and alignment, case repair, additional parts, etc...

Trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn:

  •  $145

Tenor Horn

  • $155

Trombone, tenor or bass

  • Slide only: $110
  • Straight: $155
  • 1 rotor: $185
  • 2 rotor: $220

French Horn:

  • Single: $165
  • Double: $210
  • Triple: $275

Baritone or Euphonium:

  • 3 valve: $160
  • 4 valve: $200


Prices below are for 3 valved instruments.  Add $30.00 for each additional valve (for example, charges for large 6/4 sized tuba with 5 valves would be $345).

  • 3/4 BBflat or CC, EEflat, and F: 210
  • 4/4 BBflat or CC: $240
  • 5/4 and 6/4 BBflat or CC: $285

Non-standard instruments:

  • Small to medium sized (Wagner tuba, etc):
    • $75 per valve for standard rotors or pistons
    • $100 per valve for non standard valves (Hagman, Axial Flow, etc.)
  • Large sized (cimbasso, etc.)
    • $100 per valve for standard rotor or pistons
    • $125 per valve for non-standard rotors (Hagman, Axial Flow, etc.)

Silver Polishing:

Detailed silver polishing is available. This involves ragging the instrument to a bright finish and getting into all those nooks and crannies. Prices listed are a cost guideline for instruments without extreme tarnish or difficult detail work. Final price based on time invested:

  • Trumpet: $30+
  • Horn: $80+
  • Trombone: $30+
  • Euphonium: $80+
  • Tubas: $100+