Expedited Services

Emergency Services*:

Accidents happen and we'll do our best to help out in a pinch if we can. Emergency Services are repairs only, not cleaning services. We expect quick emergency repairs (under 30 minute jobs) daily and build it into our schedule. Longer jobs that bump into our repair queue can cause delays for our other customers and overtime for our staff so an expedited service surcharge will apply.

Examples of emergency repairs:

  • Dents from drops or accidents
  • Stuck valves due to drops or accidents
  • Broken rotor strings
  • Stuck screw bells
  • Missing waterkey seals
  • Broken or fallen off waterkeys
  • Loose solder joints
  • Trombone hand slide alignments and dents from a single event
  • Broken off finger hooks

Standard rate emergency services:

  • Repairs that take 30 minutes or less to complete.
    • Can often be done on the spot or before closing on the day if a technician is available.

25% surcharge labour rate emergency services:

  • Emergency repairs that take longer than 30 minutes. This includes most valve and handslide repairs as proper cleaning of the affected areas is necessary.
  • Repairs will be completed as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours, as mutually agreed to by both DBR and the customer.

Urgent services*:

An “urgent service” is any request to bump a non-emergency repair ahead in our repair schedule. As this is an imposition on both ourselves and those customers in the repair queue, a labour surcharge is imposed. We encourage customers to book a QTA Service if they are unable to be without their instrument for an extended period of time and do not want to pay the surcharge for an expedited service.

  • Any accepted request to bump a non-emergency repair ahead in the repair queue will be considered an “urgent repair” and will incur a 25% surcharge to the labour rate. 
  • Change of heart: accepted requests by customers for an expedited service to an instrument that has been left with us as a "regular drop-off" will incur a 25% surcharge to the labour rate.
  • Urgent service will be completed in a mutually agreed upon time frame between DBR and the customer. An “urgent service” may take longer than an emergency repair to complete and, as it may take non-business hours to complete the request, is subject to technician availability. 
  • DBR will make it clear to the customer that the status of their service is “Urgent” and that a surcharge applies. 


* Our repair workload can get oppressive at certain times of the year. DBR reserves the right to accept or reject a request for an expedited service.