Introducing the Bach 42 Trial Slide

Here in Sydney, like much of the world, the Bach 42 Stradavarius Tenor Trombone is an extremely popular choice for professional, amateur and advanced student trombone players. But amongst this homogeneity is the constant desire for a player to make their instrument unique, to fit their playing style, to match that sound they hear in their head. 

Hence the creation of the Trial Slide. This multi piece hand slide is composed of Bach, M/K Drawing & Bending, Instrument innovations and in-house constructed parts. All parts are designed and fitted to showcase each components possibilities. 

The concept, that to best understand what changes a small component will make, the rest of the whole must remain consistent. Typically, to try a hand slide with different components, an entirely new slide will typically be brought out. The only difference of construction between the two hand slides might be the crook material, but that change is obfuscated by all the other components being changed simultaneously. Therefore, this slide is based around as single standard original Bach 42 inner hand slide, creating an unchanging foundation from which to explore the possibilities of sound colour and response each change can make. Additionally, efforts were made to keep the hand slide the same weight as a stock slide. The use of the lighter weight Saturn water key balances out the extra bulk of the changeable fitting making the slides the same weight as stock. The Saturn water key also has the advantage of creating less disturbance of the airstream than a traditional water key.


  • The inner hand slide: This is a stock original Bach 42 inner hand slide that has had the original (OEM) leadpipe removed. An Instrument Innovations Bi-Thread Receiver has been installed (and the receiver shortened so as not to flatten the pitch) so this trombone can be easily fitted with any .547” leadpipe with Shires or Edwards threading. Additionally, push in leadpipes can be quickly fitted with adapters that I have on hand.
  • Leadpipes: I regularly stock M/K Drawing & Bending leadpipes – stock varies so call to see what is available. M/K offers 3 different leadpipes – the George Roberts, The MK42 and the MK42O – in five different metals – yellow brass, nickel, gold brass, bronze and sterling silver. In addition, I have original Bach 42 OEM leadpipes fitted with screw rings. Not enough? You can bring your own leadpipe to try.
  • Outer Hand Slide: I currently have three outer hand slides in the set, the tubing M/K Drwaing and bracing from Bach. The set includes the traditional yellow brass tubes with nickel sleeves, nickel lightweight, and rose brass with nickel sleeves.
  • The Crooks: Currently, I have five crooks ready to go:
    • Bach 42 OEM or M/K Drawing 42 OEM Spec - .600” bore - in yellow brass and nickel. The original Bach 42 hand slide crook is part shared with the Bach 50 Bass.  
    • M/K Drawing’s Bach 42 - .588” bore – in yellow brass, bronze and nickel. A slightly smaller bore than the OEM part. 

The Trial Hand Slide is just that, a device to learn from. Because of the change-able crooks, the Trial Hand Slide is unstable and easily sent out of alignment. Change-able crooks are not being offered but all components are available for purchase and permanent installation. An existing hand slide can be modified, a new outer hand slide can be constructed, or an entire new slide can be built.