QTA - Quick TurnAround Services

DBR is now offering a Quick TurnAround or QTA service. With QTA you can book in a service or minor repair to be completed quickly and at a time when it is convenient for you to be without your horn. Most QTA services are done on the same day as drop-off. QTA time slots are limited so please plan ahead during busy times.
  • QTA services are available weekdays only.
  • Please have your instrument to the shop before 11AM the day of your booking.
  • Most servicing and repairs will be ready for pick-up by the end of the work day or the following morning.
  • Instruments with severely stuck slides or other parts may require extra time to free the stuck parts without causing damage to the instrument. 
  • During summer and winter school holidays QTA services will be offered with a one week return instead of a one day return. 
  • There is no extra charge for a QTA service.
  • Please call 02 8384 4340 or Contact Us to book your QTA appointment.