The 100 Bass Trombone - Ed. Yeo

The 100 Bass Trombone - Ed. Yeo

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The One Hundred Essential Works for the Symphonic Bass Trombonist is a unique and comprehensive book on the important subject of symphonic audition repertoire and performance preparation.

Douglas Yeo, former bass trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Professor of Trombone at Arizona State University, offers expert advice for bass trombonists based on his extensive experience as a performer, teacher, and audition committee member.

360 orchestral excerpts from 109 works by 48 composers, including legally licensed passages from 29 copyrighted works.

Errors present in many editions of the original bass trombone parts are discussed and have been carefully corrected.

Additional articles by Douglas Yeo are included including essays on The Symphony Audition, Bruckner Symphonies, The Contrabass Trombone and Cimbasso, and Richard Strauss and the Trombone, as well as a Glossary of Select German Musical Terms.

Biographical information about each composer by Charles Greenwell and Byron Hanson.

288 pages with a durable coil binding to allow the book to remain open on a music stand.