Soulo Trumpet Mute Bag + Mute Holder

Soulo Trumpet Mute Bag + Mute Holder

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Another Soulo Mute product is breaking through the market of music accessories. As the name suggests, this revolutionary product combines a trumpet mute bag with a trumpet mute holder. Something that started as an idea during the long Covid months of isolation in the creative mind of Soulo Mute, is finally in fruition! Soulo Mute’s trumpet mute bag & holder looks and functions as a mute bag at first glance.

This mute bag can fit up to 5 of your favorite mutes with modular dividers. However, this Soulo Mute invention doesn’t stop there. Otherwise, it would just be another mute bag, of which the market has plenty. True to themselves the Soulo Mute folks always seek ways to change the lives of horn players for the better. This time, they designed a mute bag that not only carries your mutes, but also attaches to a music stand to conveniently hold them during a performance.

Namely, with the help of 3 integrated clips, the mute bag easily attaches to any Manhassett or Wenger music stand. In addition, it is positioned perfectly for quick mute changes. There is no longer need to bend down or look for your mutes, they are sitting right below your music! No more mutes falling and rolling around the stage, they are snugly tucked into their individual compartments.

Additionally, once you are done, you don’t need to disassemble or put away a mute holder. Instead, just unhook and zip up the mute bag and be on your way.

Comparatively to other mute bags, the Soulo Mute bag’s material is of high quality yet light weight. The Soulo Mute designers found the perfect balance between sturdy and light enough to hang on a music stand. This is a very typical feature in all Soulo Mute products, which strive to be lightweight yet durable.

During the first month following the product launch, the company took notes from its early adopters. After receiving invaluable feedback from them, Soulo Mute added a few very desirable improvements to the mute bag and holder. These additions are quite innovative themselves. They include a clamp and small wrenches, intended to sturdy up older worn out music stands. This, in turn prevents the tilt and sagging of the stand.

For example, in the case when a musician may have a heavy book, in addition to the bag, the music stand will stay in place. This is a helpful tool not only for trumpet players, but for all musicians using music stands.

*** This product is designed for use on any Wenger or Manhasset music stand.