Soulo Bucket Mute For Trumpet
Soulo Bucket Mute For Trumpet

Soulo Bucket Mute For Trumpet

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Soulo bucket mute for trumpet is a lightweight trumpet bucket mute with a very distinct shape and soft, dark, velvety sound.

What makes this little mute the best trumpet bucket mute?

In one word, its design. Its unique patented design creates perfect intonation in all registers, with no back-pressure, and no ‘squirelly’ notes. In addition, Soulo bucket mute for trumpet is lined with soft foam material, which darkens the sound without creating back-pressure.

Furthermore, Soulo bucket mute for trumpet features three unbreakable, coated brass clips. These clips are flexible to accommodate most bell sizes and allow for quick on and off changes. Two adjustable positions allow for different color sounds. This allows the trumpet player to blend perfectly in a section, comprised of different brands of trumpet bucket mutes.

Due to its airy shape and light materials, Soulo Bucket mute for trumpet is considerably lighter than all other trumpet bucket mute brands. In some cases, especially compared to metal buckets mutes is is less than half the weight!

?The Soulo bucket mute for trumpet is perfect for performance and sound recordings, as it will never fall off the bell. It is also excellent for restaurant and church gigs, where soft melodic tone is favored.

It is endorsed by US and international trumpet icons like Wayne Bergeron, Bria Skonberg, Roger Ingram, James Ackley, Jens Lindemann, Herb Alpert and many more. Herb Alpert has been using the Soulo trumpet bucket mute in more than 90% of his recent performances. According to him it has become his new sound.

Soulo trumpet bucket mute was inspired by the Finch mute, created by the late Gerry Finch, a trombone player from Las Vegas. Soulo Bucket Mute was designed in the USA by trumpet player Mike Jarosz.

NEW! Now stuffed with cotton batting for a darker sound
Perfect pitch and No back-pressure
2 Adjustable positions for different color sounds
UNBREAKABLE clips allow quick on and off
Extremely lightweight, only 2.3oz! (Compare to EZ Bucket at 4.4oz)