Shires Q Series Tenor Trombone - Tbqalessi
Shires Q Series Tenor Trombone - Tbqalessi
Shires Q Series Tenor Trombone - Tbqalessi
Shires Q Series Tenor Trombone - Tbqalessi

Shires Q Series Tenor Trombone - Tbqalessi

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The Joseph Alessi Q Series Artist Model Tenor Trombone has been crafted with Mr. Alessi to offer an exceptional instrument at an affordable price. Similarly to the Custom Series model, this instrument features a revolutionary combination of materials and construction to produce the perfect balance of color, efficiency, and resonance. The QAlessi bell features an unsoldered, two-piece, light-weight yellow-brass bell which allows this instrument to easily project while maintaining a broad and warm sound. The newly designed Alessi Q Series rotary valve features a gold brass F-attachment slide to create depth and density of sound coupled with the clarity and stability of a rotary valve. A gold brass tuning slide similarly adds complexity and warmth to the sound of this instrument. The QAlessi handslide features a combination of different alloys to achieve a perfect balance of consistency and clarity as well as timbrel flexibility. The Joseph Alessi Q Series Tenor Trombone offers the ultimate versatility for any musician looking to be a cut above the rest.

QAlessi Bell: 8.5-inch, two-piece, lightweight yellow brass with unsoldered bead, and special annealing treatment

QAlessi rotary F valve with gold-brass F-attachment slide and engraved valve cap

QAlessi tuning slide: gold brass, drawn tubing

QAlessi Handslide: .547-inch, standard-weight gold brass; yellow wide crook

Three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes

Bell Engraving: S.E. Shires Joseph Alessi Model custom engraving

Includes Q Series tenor trombone case, mouthpiece, and care kit

“I’m very excited about the Alessi Q Series which we’ve tested.  This instrument features unique parts that are not found anywhere else.  It is a wonderful professional line instrument at an affordable price!”
—Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic