Schagerl Meister Series 1961 Trumpet B2n - Silver Plate

Schagerl Meister Series 1961 Trumpet B2n - Silver Plate

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This trumpet has was selected by both James Morrison and Matthew Collins at the Schagerl factory. This trumpet is the pick of the litter and plays great!
B2N means: B Bb trumpet... 2: double leadpipe... N: Nickel silver outer leadpipe
 Get That Classic American Sound with The Schagerl "1961" Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated, Yellow Brass Bell
In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Schagerl company, Schagerl presents "1961", a new line of piston trumpets from Schagerl Meisterinstrumente, named in honor of the founding of their company by Karl Schagerl, Sr. This new Series is the result of years of experience, with deep understanding of history and classic instrument construction. Built with the American trumpeter and the American sound in mind, the 1961 line offers a rich and vibrant sound - resonant and clear. The 1961, of course, features a remarkably smooth and even response in all registers, which is a hallmark of all Schagerl trumpets. The designation "1961" also serves as a musical nod to the heyday of the classic American orchestral trumpet sound, which Schagerl has tried to emulate with this new model line: with it they honor the classic American trumpet sound.

Tune: Bb

Bell: 123 mm / 0,50 mm / Yellowbrass

Valve Section: .460″ / ML

Leadpipe: Double Yellowbrass Inner / Nickelsilver Outer