Perantucci Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

Perantucci Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

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The Perantucci concept: a comprehensive selection of mature and proven mouthpieces designed by and for professionals.The designers are you, the musicians to whom we listen.With each ensuing production sequence all desired aspects of tonal color, response, dynamic and factual range are implemented into our products.

Perantucci mouthpieces are musical entities and as such subject to constant refinement, this being the very nature of the art of music. The instruments we play are better than ever; our mouthpieces are designed to enhance them.

Perantucci mouthpieces evolve and contribute to the art of musical performance. They are the choice of professionals and enterprising musicians the world over. Play Perantucci mouthpieces; be part of the art we love and to which our work is dedicated.

Standard/original design Perantucci tuba mouthpiece in silver plate

All Perantucci Mouthpieces are listed as "PT" followed by the model number and somtimes a symbol or letter(s). The letters and symbols mean the following:

unmarked = standard shank and weight (15.2mm)
"L" = Mini Mega (medium heavy shell)
"+" = heavy shell
"S" = small shank (14.8mm)
"XS" = extra small shank (14.5mm - NOT small enough for old Boosey & Hawkes receivers)
"G" = gold plated

For example, PT-50G+ would be a heavy shell PT-50 mouthpiece in gold plate.