Marcus Bonna Case For Detachable Bell Bass Trombone Model Mb Baby

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Black with Blue trim
This model fits a bass trombone with a detachable bell size up to 10.5 inches, with or without rotary valves.
The slide is stowed at the bottom with a velcro belt.
On top lies the body of the trombone separated from the slide by a foam partition.
The bell gets attached to the lid of the case with an elastic belt.
This assembly allows the case to be very small and very light.
There is space for accessories in the exterior pocket and detachable sheet music bag.
A trombone stand can be attached to the sheet music bag.

Weight: 3 kg
Measurements: 86 x 28 x 14cm

The case includes:
2 backpack straps
1 mouthpiece pouch for one mouthpiece
1 pouch for 2 leadpipes
1 identification tag