Marcus Bonna Case For Bass Trombone Mb-f
Marcus Bonna Case For Bass Trombone Mb-f

Marcus Bonna Case For Bass Trombone Mb-f

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Marcus Bonna cases have earned a reputation as perhaps the most desirable cases in the world. These finely crafted premium cases feature fibreglass shells covered in nylon or leather and offer superior protection in a compact and lightweight design. Each case comes with backpack straps and mouthpiece pouch. Movable cushions allow you customise your case to fit your instrument perfectly.

DBR is now stocking many popular models in basic colours. Don't see what you like or what you need? Visit the MARCUS BONNA WEBSITE to see what is possible. We will be ordering cases directly from Brazil twice yearly so contact us to order your case the way you like it now.

This model fits a bass trombone with a bell size up to 9.5 inches with higher crooks. It also fits trombones with hand support and trombones with or without rotary valves.

The slide is attached to the lid with a velcro belt.

There is space for accessories in a compartment inside or in the exterior pocket.

This model fits a bass trombone with bell size until 9.5 inches. It also fits trombones with hand support. The case goes in the back with the bell facing up.
The slide goes attached in the lid of the case and is positioned so that it does not touch the instrument. The case has attachment supports and velcro belts to make that happen and also includes a leadpipe pouch with zipper.

It has an external front pouch for sheet music and accessories.

The case has a system that is adaptable for different types of trombones. The EVA parts and cushions have velcro, so they can be adapted in order to fit most of instruments sizes properly.

This case includes:
2 backpack straps
1 shoulder strap
1 mouthpiece pouch for three mouthpieces
1 identification tag