Laskey Classic Series Bass Trombone Mouthpiece [siz:85md]
Laskey Classic Series Bass Trombone Mouthpiece [siz:85md]

Laskey Bass Trombone Classic Series Mouthpiece

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The Beautiful Beast
Like a phoenix that rose from the ashes, Laskey Classic Bass Trombone Mouthpieces are back. Regarded by many as the most comfortable bass trombone mouthpieces ever made, Laskey Bass Trombone Mouthpieces set the standard for their well-balanced playing characteristics, colourful singing sound, and precise articulation. Scott Laskey's iconic design of the Bass Trombone Mouthpiece is now realized using our industry-leading CNC machining technology, which yields incredible consistency. Experience why legions of bass trombone players around the world rely on Laskey Classic Series Bass Trombone Mouthpieces every day.

MD Cup | Medium-Deep
Similar to a traditional 1 1/4G, this cup offers versatility and strength in one. With the smallest rim diameter of the four models (though not small by industry standards) the 85MD is the preferred choice of students, doubling tenor players and solo performances.

D Cup | Deep
Coupled with a larger .312" or 7.93mm throat, this deep cup offers support for some of the most challenging bass trombone excerpts and ensemble repertoire. The Laskey D Cups provide power when you need it, while maintaining warmth in your sound throughout the entire range of the instrument.