Kr Indigo Big Blue Plunger - Trombone

Kr Indigo Big Blue Plunger - Trombone

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The Hirschman Mutes KR Indigo "BIG BLUE" Plunger Mute has been optimized to give the very best combination of sound, size, feel, pitch and flex money can buy.

In Tune!
Better intonation that any other plunger in your mute bag, especially when switching between open and closed plunger. If only the great Al Grey was still with us! He said that old school, 20th century "tight plunger...causes a back-pressure against your air stream and it throws your instrument out of tune.....Some players find adjustments in their lip and air pressure to play through it; others simply learn to slip past it." We have reduced these problems with our innovative design.

BIG - Because size matters!
The BIG BLUE is designed to work with both the tenor trombone AND bass trombone. Bass trombonists Dave Taylor and Earl McIntyre are two early testers and endorsing artists that gave invaluable feedback during the design process.

Kenny Penny venting system
Some players like to drill a hole through their plungers (where the wooden stick was) and some don't. Others carry two plungers in their bag to have both. The Kenny Penny venting system provides one penny outside the plunger and another inside. Turning the outer penny closes the plunger hole with the inner penny. Kenny Rampton likes it closed for playing over straight mute and open for plunger alone. There's no right or wrong, and the Kenny Penny lets you discover your ideal sound...that's our "two cents."

No slip hand grip
Our large, comfortable hand grip makes the plunger easy to pick up and hold. No more slips or drops!

Built to Last
The KR Indigo is made of durable silicon and is much less prone to the drying out/cracking that occurs with many rubber hardware store plungers.

Distinctive color
Inspired by Duke Ellington's Mood Indigo and Snooky Young's/Clark Terry's blue plungers, with a design updated for the 21st century.