Faxx French Horn Mouthpiece

Faxx French Horn Mouthpiece

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Faxx mouthpieces are of the highest standard in quality and reliability and rival the famous maker brands.

Stocked Sizes: 2, 7, 11, MDC and MC
Call to order: C6, C8, C10, C12

Model 2:
17.75mm Cup Diameter
Medium Cup Depth
A good starter mouthpiece, medium wide rim shape, this size is included with many Conn French horns, replica of Conn 2

Model 7:
17.25mm Cup Diameter
Medium Cup Depth
Narrow rim, fairly large size for a strong embouchure, replica of Bach 7

Model 11:
16.55mm Cup Diameter
Medium Cup Depth
Medium wide cushion rim, best selling Bach size, with cushion rim and brilliant heroic tone, replica of Bach 11, players who do strenuous work prefer this model

Model MC:
16.80mm Cup Diameter
Medium Cup Depth
4.20mm medium wide rim width, 4.62mm throat, replica of Farkas MC

Model MDC:
16.20mm Cup Diameter
Medium Deep Cup Depth
4.06mm medium wide rim, 4.62mm throat, slightly darker tone compared to MC, replica of Farkas MDC