Comfy Euphonium Strap

Comfy Euphonium Strap

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Hand crafted euphonium supports made by Valeria Wells in the USA. 



  • relieves weight bearing to reduce hand fatigue & cramping


  •  non-bulky


  •  strong & secure, yet soft & non-abrasive


  •  soft, absorbent, machine washable (100% cotton with soft fleece lining)


  •  fully adjustable to fit different brands


  •  fits inside case w/o needing to be removed for storage


  •  no need for professional installation, no damage to my horn, no need to remove the "pinky hook" from my horn

Diefes Brass Repair is currently stocking black Comfy Horn Straps with a subtle "DBR" embroidered logo.


Custom colours and embroidery is avaialble. Please call or write if interested.