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"Chicago Stinger" Trumpet Mute - Gen II

"Chicago Stinger" Trumpet Mute - Gen II

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Co-designed with Kenny Rampton of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, the world's best buzz mute just got better.  The Hirschman Mutes "Chicago Stinger Gen II" is inspired by the buzz mutes of yesteryear, and has been redesigned from scratch with 100% custom components, engineering, and technology to provide the best intonation, slotting, playability, and BUZZ across the entire range of the trumpet at any price.

  • The ultimate buzz - Superior sound, intonation, and playability from pianissimo to fortissimo and from the bottom of the horn to the top.  Our proprietary Hornet Resonators™ provide the ultimate in buzz/fuzz and durability.
  • Vortex Corking System™ - Attenuates and channels the unmuted trumpet sound through two angled passageways, enabling more buzz while minimizing backpressure
  • Venturi Pressure Diffusion Disk™ - Structural element inside the mute improves intonation and playability
  • Thunderbolt Vented Caplets™  - Protect the resonators from damage in your bag/case while transmitting maximum buzz in your sound
  • Heavy gauge wall construction and premium materials - provides superior sonic and structural integrity
  • Designed for the KR Indigo line of Plunger mutes - Playable alone or under our KR Indigo or KR Indigo MAX Plungers, sold separately