Ax Handle Trombone Support - Clamp Only

Ax Handle Trombone Support - Clamp Only

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Ax Handle clamp only

The Ax Handle redistributes the weight of your trombone from the smaller muscles of the wrist to the larger muscles of the arm. It eases the pressure and discomfort that occurs from holding your trombone for long periods of time during practice, rehearsal, and performances.

The Ax Handle Clamp is made of nickel plated aluminum to maintain tonal quality and not add significant weight.

The Clamp is machined to fit the curve of your horn's lower bell brace so it fits snugly and firmly. Two set screws are provided to hold the brace rod in place securely.
Easy to install to the lower bell brace near the bell. No repair tech required.
Can be used with the extra parts in the Ax Handle Kit to make an extra Brace!
Instructions included.

Size Guide:
- .383" - Fits: Getzen, Edwards, Schilke, Holton, Conn 62H, Thayer, Glassl Contrabass
.- 420"- Fits: Bach, Shires, Dillon Bass, King, Olds Vintage P24G, Mack Brass Bass, Yamaha 882/881/882O YSL/YBL-322R/Xeno 830/613H, Jupiter XO/XO 1240R-T, Courtois AC550BH/AC420BT/950/959/B&S 3055/420BR, Alessi SS Cross Brace etc
- .437" - Fits: Kanstul, Rath, Blessing, Mack Brass TB831L, XO Brass 1242, etc.
- .445" - Fits: Holton Bass 180/TR181, Jupiter JSL 1240T, Wessex Jin Bao 562, Antoine Courtois 410 Gilles Milliere
- .469" - Fits: Yamaha YBL620/XBL830 Xeno/YSL 648/ YSL 448, Jupiter XO1240RL-T, Eastman Shires 630/ETB634G Tenor/Andreas Eastman ETB630, etc