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Engelbert Schmid

Diefes Brass is proud to be Australia's Engelbert Schmid Horn dealer. These remarkable horns have had every detail carefully considered and are rightly considered one of the best horns available today. 

DBR will stock a double horn but anything from the Schmid menu can be ordered at any time.

Click to view our stocked Engelbert Schmid Digital Mouthpieces.

Delivery time is currently three to four months.

Engelbert Schmid horns can be ordered to your specification. All Schmid products are currently being offered at equal exchange to the Euro cost plus GST (no import duty or international shipping costs are currently being passed on to the customer).

The chart below represents prices at current exchange rates updated daily. These rates and prices may change so please contact us for a formal quote. At the bottom of the sheet is an example price for a double horn with some extras.

Custom ordered Schmid products require a 50% deposit which will lock in the exchange rate.