Bach Trombones

"Vincent Bach combined his unique talents as both a musician and an engineer to create Bach Stradivarius trombones, the most sought after trombone in today’s global market. Every Bach trombone is hand crafted, focusing on precision manufacturing and detail. Today, the Bach Stradivarius trombones remain the sound choice for the most discerning musicians worldwide."


Diefes Brass Repair is now a Bach Brass stockist. We will be endeavouring to stock the most popular models of Bach Stradavarius trombones with a wide range of valves and materials. Every instrument DBR sells is completely checked over and prepped before sale and DBR offers many after market upgrades so that you can customise or fit your trombone to you. Additionally, all professional level instruments receive a FREE first year service. 
And trying before you buy is not only allowed but encouraged!