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USED Meinl Weston 45SLZ F tuba
USED Meinl Weston 45SLZ F tuba

USED Meinl Weston 45SLZ F tuba

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The Meinl Weston 45SLZ is a 6/4 F tuba similar in size to the B&S 3099. The large bore gives this tuba a rich orchestral sound.

Graduated boore through valves: 19.5mm - 21.5mm

42cm bell diameter

This tuba has a fair bit of lacquer wear and shows signs of dent removal but is otherwise in excellent condition. A nickel guard patch has been installed where the right hand sits to protect the tubing underneath. It scored extremely well on a compression test and the valves and linkages are quiet and smooth.

Comes with a Supersac gig bag and flight case.