PERANTUCCI Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

PERANTUCCI Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

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Standard/original design Perantucci tuba mouthpiece in silver plate

Click HERE for more details about Perantucci mouthpieces

All Perantucci Mouthpieces are listed as "PT" followed by the model number and somtimes a symbol or letter(s). The letters and symbols mean the following:

  • unmarked = standard shank and weight (ø=15.2mm)
  • "L" = Mini Mega (medium heavy shell)
  • "+" = heavy shell
  • "S" = small shank (ø=14.8mm)
  • "XS" = extra small shank (ø=14.5mm - NOT small enough for old Boosey & Hawkes receivers)
  • "G" = gold plated

For example, PT-50G+ would be a heavy shell PT-50 mouthpiece in gold plate