PERANTUCCI Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

PERANTUCCI Standard Tuba Mouthpiece

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Perantucci mouthpieces come in the following options:

  • No marking – standard in silver plate
  • “+” – heavyweight shell
  • “S” – slightly smaller shank than the standard
  • “XS” – smaller shank fits some English tubas
  • “G” – Gold plated

Descriptions of currently stocked models are listed below. Contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for.


  • Cup Diameter: 31.00 mm / Moderately deep. Well rounded at bottom.
  • Rim: 10.00 mm / Wide cushion rim. Well rounded inner and outer edge.
  • Bore: 8.5 mm

An excellent general purpose mouthpiece for F. Eb. CC and BBb tubas featuring a comfortable rim and a large throat bore for depth of tone and volume. Optimized for solid sound with good projection and accurate response in all registers. Available in both standard and heavy shell PT-24+ versions!


  • Cup: 33 mm diameter / Deep and funnel-shaped.
  • Rim: Width 7.5 mm / Medium sharp inner edge. well-rounded outer edge
  • Bore: 8.3 mm.

Model PT-36 is ideal for large-bore instruments where fast response is desired. The relatively narrow rim provides remarkable flexibility and the cup has adequate depth necessary for good tone.


  • Cup Diameter: 32.50 mm
  • Rim: 7.6 mm
  • Throat bore: 8.4 mm

The mouthpiece you and your colleagues will love!

For BBb and CC-tubas. Fast response and newly defined linearity in sound and intonation.

Rich tonal character and strong projection. Medium-depth Cup, narrow rim and clearly defined inner edge.


  • Cup: 33.00 mm diameter / Deep. funnel-shaped cup. rounded at bottom.
  • Rim: 8 mm / Rounded inner and outer edges.
  • Bore: 8.3 mm.

Model PT-48 is similar to the PT-44 yet larger. The sound is dark with a pronounced core. Excellent for medium-large and large-bore CC and BBb tubas. Recommended for those who find the PT-50 and PT-88 too big. Also possible with heavy shell cup!


  • Cup: 33 mm / Deep. funnel-shaped cup.
  • Rim: 7.5 mm / Flat rim with sharp inner edge.
  • Bore: 8.3 mm.

Model PT-50 is the largest funnel-shaped style in the current line. The sharp inner rim aids articulation and tonal clarity in this well-above-average cup volume. This model provides huge dynamic range and fast response. It aids low register playing while still providing a good upper range. It is recommended for advanced players who prefer a truly large mouthpiece. Available in three versions. Standard. L and heavy shell PT-50+ version! A Perantucci Best-Seller! 


  • Cup: 32.00 mm / Moderately shallow cup. bowl-shaped.
  • Rim: 8.5 mm / Very round cushion
  • Bore: 7.8 mm.

Model PT-64 provides a lively and exciting sound with a clear core and excellent projection. It is recommended especially for the F and Eb tubas. giving great power and a commanding nature for solo performances with large accompanying ensembles. or for use in executing high-range orchestral literature. This is one of the most popular F-tuba mouthpieces ever offered.


  • Cup: 32mm / Medium depth. strongly round.
  • Rim: 8.5mm / Rounded with well defined inner contact point.
  • Bore: 7.8mm

Model PT-65 is similar to the PT-64. on which it is based. The PT-65 provides a strong center and great accuracy in all ranges just as the PT-64 does but with a different tonal nature.. The center is clear and dominating yet dark in character. The response. the accuracy. the flexibility. the tonal nature of this new model accommodates modern large bore instruments and demanding contemporary literature. A Perantucci Best-Seller!


  • Cup: 31.5 mm / Deep. very round at bottom.
  • Rim: 8.5 mm / Cushion rim. well-rounded inner and outer edges.
  • Bore: 8.0 mm.

Model PT-80 is designed players who prefer a moderately wide cup when a clear but yet moderately dark sound is desired. Note that the rim is very well rounded. It has great projection in all registers and is recommended for the F- or Eb-tuba.


  • Cup: 32 mm / Medium deep funnel.
  • Rim: 7.5 mm / Fairly sharp inner edge. Moderately round rim.
  • Bore: 8.6 mm.

Model PT-83 offers players who prefer a moderately wide cup a distinct but dark sound in all registers. The sharp inner rim provides quick response. It is designed for use with the CC and BBb tubas and is available in both regular and heavy shell PT-83+ versions.


  • Cup: 32.0 mm
  • Rim: 8.0mm. Well rounded Inner - and outer edge
  • Bore: 8.0mm

Model PT-84 provides a clear sound. It is very flexible, has a good upper range and gives a very quick response for a mouthpiece of this size, particularly in the low range. This is a very popular mouthpiece, recommended for Eb and BBb tubas.


  • Cup: 33.7mm
  • Rim: 7.5mm. Slightly rounded inner edges
  • Bore: 8.3mm

Model PT-86 offers a very wide cup for players with particularly large lips. It favours middle and low registers, particularly when high volume is desired. The tonal centre is round and weighty.


  • Cup: 33.5 mm / Wide. deep cup.
  • Rim: 7.0 mm / Flat. well-defined inner edge
  • Bore: 8.1 mm

The PT-88 along with the PT-50 constitute the most preferred and widely used large contrabass tuba mouthpieces in the Perantucci line. The cup is wider yet not as deep as that of the PT-50. The sound has great strength and depth.
Recommended for strong players. those who desire great dynamic range and an immense sound.
The PT-88 is also available in a + and a L design (heavy Shell or mega and mini mega )
A Perantucci Best-Seller!