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PERANTUCCI Euphonium mouthpiece

PERANTUCCI Euphonium mouthpiece

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Perantucci Euphonium mouthpiece availble in three Models:


  • Full cup balanced for a rich and resonant sound with a clear center.
  • Cup Diameter :  26,00 mm / Throat Bore 7.32mm
    Rim : Width 6,75mm / Slightly Rounded Inner Edge Open Backbore


  • Deep Cup, moderately rounded. Rich Euphonium tonal character with clear response in all registers.
  • Cup Diameter : 25,00 mm / Throat Bore 7.15mm
    Rim : Width 7,0mm / Slightly Rounded Inner Edge  Long Throat with flat tapered backbore.


  • Wide, deep cup provides great volume and depth of tone.
  • Cup Diameter  : 26,00mm / Throat Bore 7.52mm
    Rim : Width 6,75mm / Large Backbore