John Packer JP261 Rath Double Bb/F French Horn

John Packer JP261 Rath Double Bb/F French Horn

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The JP261 RATH is a full double Bb/F French Horn featuring an exclusively designed Rath leadpipe and Geyer style layout which results in an instrument which has very little resistance and is very freeblowing throughout the whole register.

The thumb lever, finger hook and ducks foot can all be adjusted to ensure a comfortable hand position thus making it ideal for younger players looking for a full double horn. 

Unique benefits

The JP261 Rath incorporates many other sophisticated Rath design elements and draws on Michael Rath’s collective experience at Paxman and at Rath creating custom instruments for some of the world's more demanding players. The JP261 Rath provides an instrument that is affordable to students but that deliver performance that challenges models many more times its price.


  • Model: JP261
  • Key: Bb/F
  • Bell Size: Gold Brass Fixed Bell 310mm (12.20")
  • Valves: Rotary 4
  • Bore: 12.00mm (0.472")
  • Body: Yellow Brass
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Lyre Box: No
  • Mouthpiece: JP612
  • Leadpipe: Designed by Rath
  • Instrument Weight: 2.68Kg (5lb 15oz)
  • Weight with case: 7.64Kg (16lb 13oz)