Engelbert Schmid Full Double Horn F/Bb - Corpus

Engelbert Schmid Full Double Horn F/Bb - Corpus

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"The basic piece of equipment for the professional, perfect in its playing qualities and aesthetics. A particularly noble sound, smooth but with great dynamic range. As flexible and agile as a woodwind instrument. Has a very good feel to it, with smooth valve slurs and a very secure high range."

This is Engelbert's recommendation for a double horn. This horn comes in yellow brass, lacquered, with string action that can be set to stand in B-flat or F. It has two waterkeys.


We have several bell flares options in stock - please contact us for more information:

There are numerous options to build your own Engelbert Schmid horn. Visist our Engelbert Schmid Horn Page to learn more or give us a call.

A few special things about Schmid horns:

  • The first thing you will notice is the weight. This horn is 20% lighter than the avereage double horn - this horn with the hand hammered bell weights in at 2.12kg on our scale. The lightweight construction allows the horn to resonate and feel alive. 
  • One piece valve section construction. The valve section is a complete unit from first through fourth. Typical horn valve sections are four individual units each connected to the next with a pair of ferrules, all soft soldered together. By making the valve section one piece the ferrules are eliminated along with the solder and most importantly the seam between the two pieces, creating a pefectly smooth transition from one valve to the next. Additionally, the connacting tubes are widely arched, maintaining a true bore throughout.
  • The valves are constructed for ease of maintenance. The rotor brearing plates have access holes to directly lubricte the rotors below. Additionally, the spindles are easily accessed from the stop arm side, making lubrication simple and clean, thus prolonging the life of the valve bumpers.
  • The horn can be set into different keys! On the Bb side, the pitch can be lowered to A or raised to B, whilst the F side can be lowered to E, aiding with transpositions when needed.