Bach LT180S72 Stradavarius Trumpet - Artist Select

Bach LT180S72 Stradavarius Trumpet - Artist Select

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Bach Stradavarius Trumpet LT180S72 serial number 761270 as selected by Rashawn Ross:


Brilliant, Rich, Core, Powerful, Vibrant, Responsive, Clear, Immediate, Flexible

"Plays incredibly big for a lightweight horn" - Rashawn Ross

Visit the Artist Select page for this trumpet HERE

The New Artist Select


Bach has introduced the new Artist Select and Artist Reserve series of instruments. You can now see and hear the review by the artist of the very horn you are buying. Visit HERE to learn more.

Model Features & Specifications

The Bach LT180S72 Stradivarius model trumpet is the favorite model of studio and lead players around the world. The combination of the 72 bell and lightweight construction has become the workhorse setup of the hollywood studio trumpeter. Its warmth and breadth at gentle dynamics create unbeatable character when recorded close to a microphone, while its blazing fortissimo sound delivers the punch and excitement necessary for even the most demanding sessions. With extraordinary flexibility and the unmistakable Bach sound, this model can be heard on hundreds of classic recordings.

The lightweight body and one-piece hand-hammered professional bell in #72 taper and the standard construction #25-O leadpipe add to the warm broad sound and brilliant tone of this model. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. The LT180S72 will soar above any ensemble and is perfect for a lead player, soloist or anyone hoping for maximum brilliance in their sound.
    • .459" Large bore
    • Lightweight body
    • Lightweight yellow brass one-piece hand-hammered #72 bell
    • Standard construction #25-O mouthpipe
    • Monel pistons
    • 1st slide thumb ring
    • Adjustable 3rd slide rod stop
    • Silver-plate finish
    • Bach 7C mouthpiece
    • Additional Artist Select Features:
      • Artist hand selected
      • Video trial of the specific serial number
      • Artist signed certificate of authenticity
      • Artist shop card
      • Artist biography card
      • Upgraded double case
      • Special "Artist Select” case badging
      • Extended 7 year warranty



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