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SOULO Bucket Mute for Bass Trombone - 9.5" Bell

SOULO Bucket Mute for Bass Trombone - 9.5" Bell

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Soulo Mute is perfectly in tune in all registers (including pedal tones), has no back-pressure, and no ‘squirelly’ notes. The coated brass clips are flexible to accommodate all bell sizes and allow for quick on and off. It is considerably lighter than all other brand. Soulo Mute offers two adjustable positions, which allow for different color sounds. It now comes with a 100% organic cotton bag to protect it from wear and tear and provide a third sound color option – a darker bucket mute sound, with the bag stuffed inside. This allows the trombone player to blend perfectly in a section comprised of different brands of bucket mutes. The mute works great for performance and sound recordings, as it will never fall off the bell. Soulo Mute is part of the mute arsenal of trombone icons like Conrad Herwig, John Fedchock, Wycliffe Gordon, Andy Martin, Tom Bones Malone, Bill Reichenbach, Tom Garling, Reggie Watkins and many more. Made in the USA.



  • Perfect pitch in all registers and no back-pressure
  • 2 Adjustable positions for different color sounds
  • UNBREAKABLE clips allow quick on and off
  • Can be used over top other mutes
  • Lightweight, only 12.5oz! (Compare to Jo-Ral at 1lb, 7oz)
  • Ships with cotton bag, which can be used as additional stuffing