.420 Trombone Ax Handle Brace - Bach/Shires/etc.

.420 Trombone Ax Handle Brace - Bach/Shires/etc.

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Fits: Bach; Shires; Kanstul; King; Dillon Bass; Some Yamaha, Courtois, Jupiter, Olds, etc. If you would like help with sizing, please contact through the form on this site or email us at: instrumentinnovations@gmail.com

The Ax Handle redistributes the weight of your trombone from the smaller muscles of the wrist to the larger muscles of the arm. This takes the tension off of the wrist. It eases the pressure and discomfort that occurs from holding your trombone for long periods of time during practice, rehearsal, and performances.

May be used to replace an older model "Bullet Brace" which may be slipping.

Made of aluminum to maintain tonal quality and not add significant weight. The Ax Handle is machined to fit your horn's lower bell brace so it fits snugly and firmly. Two set screws hold the brace bar in place for secure hold.

Easy to install to the lower bell brace near the bell. No repair tech required.

Fits every hand size - the "S" or "C" brace can be adjusted higher or lower according to the comfort of the player and the brace may be moved right or left as desired.

Comes with: Two "S" brace rods (one longer and one shorter), a "C" brace rod, a Bondhus allen wrench for installation and adjustment, and five different foam and rubber cushions for you to choose from for your comfort. Instructions included.