BEST BRASS e-Brass III Mute for Horn

BEST BRASS e-Brass III Mute for Horn

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Three reasons to chose e-Brass:

The superior volume reduction;

even equal to a soundproof room.

Anywhere at any time!

e-Brass reduces instrument output to a whisper, lowering volume approximately -30dB to -35dB. With its amazing quietness, you don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors and also can enjoy playing the instrument without feeling self-conscious about other people listening. Using the e-Brass is just like playing in a completely portable and personal studio where nobody can bother you.(*)

* Even so, please be conscious of your circumstances...

Despite being quiet,

it is incredibly free blowing.

An evolving mute design for over 15 years.

Besides perfect pitch and less back pressure in all registers, e-Brass achieves a very natural air flow like an open instrument. These leading features were created by carrying out a through investigation of the ideal acoustical design of something we call the total Instrument, comprising a horn, a mouthpiece, and finally the mute.

This original design approach allows the e-Brass to be a part of the instrument and also allows for the instrument to resonate naturally while competing practice/silent mutes just kill the sound. Further, as the instrument is still resonating with the mute, the headphones allow the listener a more pure sound without any unnecessary electronic controls.

World's smallest and lightest

all-in-one e-mute.

The special built-in structure makes it so simple.

One of the big differences between e-Brass and other general e-mutes is that the electronic circuit is set inside the mute. With this built-in structure, e-Brass has much less of a hassle in the preparation and only needs headphones to play. But, despite this, e-Brass is made up to 40% lighter than other e-mutes. In fact, even e-Brass Horn weighs less than most smart phones, so you won't feel like the bell is being weighed down or worried about dropping the mute. With this incredible lightness, e-Brass enables enough stamina for focused practice or ease in any performance situation.