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New Instruments

Diefes Brass Repair is your source for Eastman Brass and M&W Custom Trombones. We also carry a selection of used instruments. The menu below shows what's currently in stock.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.
 M&W custom trombone

322 large bore single valve tenor trombone

- One piece gold brass bell

- Nickel silver slide crook

- mirror finish lacquer

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Eastman Brass:

Trumpets  Student ETR424 (ETR420) $749.00


Advanced ETR520GS $1949.00 new, silver with gold highlights
Professional ETR824S $2799.00 new, silver plate
French Horns Intermediate EFH463 $3569.00 new
Advanced EFH562 $4249.00 new
Professional EFH882 $4675.00 new
Trombones Intermediate ETB422G $2039.00 new, gold brass bell
Intermediate ETB424 (ETB420) $1869.00 new
Intermediate ETB432 $2039.00 new
Advanced ETB532 $2339.00 new
Professional ETB828 $3049.00 new
Professional ETB829 $3649.00 new
Bass Trombones Professional ETB848 $4249.00 new
Euphoniums Student EEP321 $1949.00 new
Advanced EEP426 $2549.00 new
Professional EEP526S $5349.00 new, silver plate
Tubas Student EBB231S $4499.00 new, silver plate scratch and dent special
Student EBE $5099.00 new, silver plate
Advanced EBB431 $7649.00 new
Professional EBB534 $8499.00 new
Professional EBB632 $9349.00 SOLD